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It's not easy taking care of elderly relatives, especially when they don't live just up the road.

Hive Link is the latest smart home solution which allows families to check in on their loved ones from a distance so that they can keep their independence and you can have peace of mind.

Hive knows the importance of being connected to the people you love.

That's why LBC and Hive are offering you the chance to win a subscription to the new Hive Link smart service plus an iPhone, so that you and your relatives can connect with care.

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Hive Link’s Smart Home Solution

Hive Link is the perfect way for you to know that a loved one that you care for is going about their daily business with no problems.

Developed in partnership with charity Carers UK, Hive Link connects to sensors and smart devices in the home – from lighting and heating to a smart plug for the kitchen kettle – and sends this information to an app on your phone. Over time, Hive Link learns your loved one's routine, and sends you notifications if something is out of the ordinary.

Get peace of mind that your loved one is up and the kettle's been switched on to make the morning cuppa, check the TV is on, or feel reassured that the front door hasn't been left open.

With Hive Link there are no cameras or microphones, so you can have the reassurance you need while your loved ones keep the independence they need.

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