Together we're cleaning up the air for all of London

With your help and thanks to schemes introduced by the Mayor of London and TfL, we have made good progress in cleaning up London's air – but there is still more to do.

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Improving London’s air together

The issue of poor air quality is a growing concern in the capital. LBC has been looking into the problem with Destiny Boka Batesa from campaign group - Choked Up.

Improving London's Air Quality

Despite huge improvements since 2016, air pollution is still a problem across the city, not just in central London. Tens of thousands of Londoners still breathe illegally polluted air and 99% of Londoners live in an area where pollution exceeds World Health Organization recommended guidelines for particulate matter - the air pollutant thought to be most harmful to human health. And the biggest source of toxic emissions is polluting road vehicles.

Every time we drive, our cars and vans produce pollutants which cause lasting damage, contributing to thousands of early deaths each year. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of air pollution because it can stunt their lung growth.

That's why together, the Mayor of London, TfL and Londoners' efforts to clean up the air across the city are helping create a cleaner, greener and healthier future for all Londoners.

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